November 21, 2014


Download Pulse Metabolic Analysis software (Sol-Gel interpretation) DEMO version – updated on the August 2017

The Manual is inside software at “Help” section

To get installation password please send request by email to or by SMS to +79119562653


PMA Manual (updated on the August 2017). This version of the software  allows to interpret pulse data as I-Ching hexagrams. On the base of the research where we have established correlation between I-Ching hexagrams and DNA tripets (see the section “Research room“) it is possible to find the amino-acid which is suited individually for given patient at given time. Thus, we have got the most simple way to use food as a remedy – the most natural way of cure and getting health.


Short Manual “How to take pulse with different sensors”


Short Manual for the Sol-Gel interpretation (It is suited to represent the theory of Sol-Gel transformations, but PMA pictures are yet old. The most fresh pictures are in the PMA Manual above)


Download drivers (both drivers must be installed):




  1. How to install the sensor in the PMA software


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